Wagner Double Duty Control Spray Review

Every contractor, handyman, repair technician, and DIYer knows that most projects require you to have a lot of different tools to get the job done right. But sometimes you can find a tool that gives you a lot of versatility and functionality, allowing you to save a bit of time and money in the process. While this isn’t as common in the painting field as it is in other areas, there are some great multipurpose paint sprayers that have a lot of great features to offer. But is Wagner’s Control Spray Double Duty the best of the best? Let’s find out.

The Basics

This is an airless paint sprayer, which already does a lot to help establish it as a versatile tool, since you don’t need any additional equipment to operate it. Also, since you don’t need an air compressor, you also face fewer limitations in how, where, and when you can use the tool, which is a huge plus. It’s built with the same powerful technology and feature-rich design that Wagner uses in many of its other sprayers, but this time from the perspective of a High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) system, which gives you a huge amount of control over the actual painting job.

The Setup

Like most airless sprayers, setup is a simple procedure that involves filling the paint cup and connecting it to the self-contained sprayer base. Wagner utilizes a “Lock-n-Go” cartridge system that is designed to make this process very easy, so you don’t have to worry about fussing with a confusing coupling system or anything like that, meaning you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. You also get two paint cups, one bigger than the other, so you can choose based on how much painting you need to do, or simply have a backup ready for saving time.

As with many HVLP systems, you will need to check the viscosity of the paint before pouring it into the cup, since some compounds might be too thick for the system. Check the manufacturer recommendations to find out the ideal viscosity for your compound to ensure the best results.

The Performance

The great thing about HVLP paint sprayers is that they create a very steady flow of paint, which translates into a more even coat that requires much less effort to achieve. This is also great when you need to work with painting different items or areas, since you also get access to a lot of fine tuning controls that aren’t possible on other types of sprayers. The variable trigger gives you a huge range of spray fan sizes, ranging from ½ inch to 10 inches, meaning that you can paint practically everything from an intricate piece of woodworking to your bedroom wall almost effortlessly.

Another great feature is the two-stage air turbine that’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use. When you want one painting tool that can function in as many settings and situations as possible, this is a major bonus. This type of motor helps to minimize overspray, which causes excess paint to shoot outside of the main stream, speckling the surrounding area and putting more paint into the air. Painting indoors can be very harmful to your health, so retaining control over the paint emission is key.

Care and Cleaning

With a paint sprayer like this that’s capable of working with a wide array of paints and compounds, including stains, lacquers, and varnishes, you’re going to face a slightly harder time during the cleanup phase. The smaller cup might be a bit challenging to clean, since it also has a smaller mouth. Even though the larger cup is wide at the base, the mouth is also a bit on the smaller side, so you’ll want to get to cleaning as soon as possible after you’re done.

Still, as long as you use the appropriate cleaning solutions for the type of compounds you are spraying, this should never become a major issue. There aren’t a ton of detachable components that you have to worry about, and the spray nozzle is built to reduce residue buildup, so just make sure you follow the exact care instructions each time.

The Best Multipurpose Paint Sprayer?

If you plan to work both indoors and outdoors, take on projects that would require you to use a wide range of compounds, or simply want to be able to paint fine details and broad areas with a single tool, then the Control Spray Double Duty offers a tremendous amount of bang for your buck. It might present a few issues in terms of cleanup, but overall stands as a versatile multipurpose paint sprayer.